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What I offer is simple:

  • A 100% bespoke and finance-focused resume editing service

  • Access to a coach with hands-on finance expertise

  • My undivided attention to skyrocket your career in finance

  • Meaningful advice and recommendations tested and approved by 150+ executive clients

  • A cutting edge editing process covering your education, experience, skills, achievements and aspirations

  • A 5 working day turnaround to let you apply for your dream job as soon as possible

My motto: digging even deeper than any other coaching service, to showcase your unique features to recruiters!

Here is how it goes:

  1. Schedule a free 20 minute personalised chat with me to discuss your current situation and your long-term goals via my online booking system: https://finance-resume.youcanbook.me/ and send me your resume at thomas@finance-resume.com
  2. Once we’ve established how we can work together, you order the Resume Editing or Cover Letter Editing and make the payment.
  3. I’ll take a good hard look at your resume and/or cover letter and send you questions (sometimes over 30) that will help me make your experience SHINE!
  4. I will send you your brand new resume or cover letter and wait for your feedback.
  5. If you want additional changes, I will make them and then send the documents to my proofing department. My lovely assistant who happens to be a grammar goddess will make sure it’s perfect!
  6. You will get the final version of your resume or cover letter, completely edited and proofed, ready to be submitted!

I cannot thank you enough for all your time and effort that you have put into it.  You really have done a wonderful job on editing my resume and cover letter.  Your detailed analysis, explanations and experience in guiding me through this whole job-hunting process have been invaluable.  You have also spent time with me discussing about your networking strategy.  I really appreciate your insight you have given.  It was nice working with you.  Thanks Thomas!

Huan, Big 4 Senior Associate

I’m exceptionally happy with the resume provided by Thomas. The turnaround time was a little under 72 hours and I received the first draft on the weekend. My new resume is more concise and relevant, and accordingly it reads a lot better. Thomas was excellent at drawing out additional information from me to enhance the specificity of my resume and its likely impact on readers. Overall, the service and quality of product I received from Thomas was 10/10.

Jeremy, Investment Banking VP

Ready To Take Your Resume To The Next Level?

4 Reasons to Choose Me:


I have real life experience in finance and I recruited dozens of candidates. I also rejected hundreds of them! Let me help you avoid the traps they fell into. I’m not the typical HR that you find on most resume editing services.


My service is tailored to your needs. If you want any extras, like an in-depth interview coaching or a tutorial on specific technical points just fire me an email and we’ll discuss it.


I’m not trying to fool you. Just take a look at other resume editing websites. You’ll see tons of promises and a lot of mystical nonsense. You are not going to become Apple’s CFO at 25 just because you have a perfect resume and a stellar cover letter. I keep it simple, realistic and effective.


All the final versions of your documents will be reviewed by a native English speaker. Her skills in English tends to make her annoying during a casual conversation but she’s terrific at tracking every single spelling and grammatical mistake. This way I make sure that your documents are perfect and you are completely satisfied.

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