You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your education, certifications and training.

Hire a finance professional to help you land the job you deserve!

What I offer is simple:

  • An Experienced Recruiting Coach to guide you through the recruiting process

  • An answer to all of your questions (even the ones you think are stupid and probably aren’t)

  • Thorough interview preparation over the phone or on Skype

  • Tailored help, so that you come across as qualified, experienced and likeable during interviews

After gaining two second rounds in a competitive NYC market, I wound up failing to convert them in to an offer. I was upset and did not want to own up to the fact that I performed poorly. I was just not doing well despite having more than 30 interview under my belt. This past Monday, Thomas and I spent two hours on the phone. He asked every possible question you can imagine, and I gave answers (some good, a lot of them not too good). He provided helpful feedback along the way and even designed a new story about my interest for finance.

The Interview Coaching was beneficial in that it grounded me and, equally as important, it gave me a lot more confidenceThomas also answered all my questions, even the one I would never dare to ask to alumni and sent me a recap of what I needed to do to improve the next day by email.

The coaching was top-notch and definitely helpful to get those coveted offers we all want!

Lucas, Real Estate Associate