You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your education, certifications and training.

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What I Offer Is Simple:

  • Intensive grilling session on technical, behavioural and competency-based interview questions

  • Confidence boosting strategy so you come across as qualified, experienced and likeable during interviews

  • Individually tailored one-to-one interview preparation over the phone or on Skype

  • Strategic guidance to answer interview questions and sell your story

  • insider knowledge of corporate recruitment to guide you through the interview process

  • An answer to all of your questions (even the ones you think are stupid and probably aren’t)

Here Is How It Goes:

  1. Schedule a free 20 minute personalised chat with me to discuss your current situation and your long-term goals via my online booking system: and send me your resume at
  2. Once we’ve established how we can work together, you order the numbers of hours of Interview Preparation you need and make the payment.
  3. We schedule our first session together and start working hard on you getting you ready for your next Interview to make sure you BEAT THE COMPETITION and LAND YOUR DREAM JOB!

After gaining two second rounds in a competitive NYC market, I wound up failing to convert them in to an offer. I was upset and did not want to own up to the fact that I performed poorly. I was just not doing well despite having more than 30 interview under my belt. This past Monday, Thomas and I spent two hours on the phone. He asked every possible question you can imagine, and I gave answers (some good, a lot of them not too good). He provided helpful feedback along the way and even designed a new story about my interest for finance.

The Interview Coaching was beneficial in that it grounded me and, equally as important, it gave me a lot more confidenceThomas also answered all my questions, even the one I would never dare to ask to alumni and sent me a recap of what I needed to do to improve the next day by email.

The coaching was top-notch and definitely helpful to get those coveted offers we all want!

Lucas, Real Estate Associate

Ready To Take Your Career To The Next Level?

3 Reasons to Choose Me:


I have real life experience in finance and I have grilled hundreds of executive professionals on interview questions who successfully landed jobs at major banks: JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank and many more.


My service is tailored to your needs, your targeted role and industry. If you want any extras, like a tutorial on specific technical point or networking coaching to achieve your goals quicker, just fire me an email and we’ll discuss it.


I’m not trying to fool you. Just take a look at other coaching websites. You’ll see tons of promises and a lot of mystical nonsense. I keep it simple, realistic and effective. Giving you the best advice possible to make sure you ace your interview.

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